• Rahane 'totally focused'

    I am only focusing on the Sri Lanka tour. I always believe in focusing on the present, said Ajinkya Rahane.

    Mumbai, (Hindustan Times):
    After his dazzling run in the Indian Premier League this season, Indian fans see Ajinkya Rahane mainly as a Twenty20 batsman. However, the Mumbai player remains untouched by the adulation. He belongs to the old school where is the focus is on Test cricket.

    With the national selectors nursing high hopes on his making a transition, it could be his big season, starting with the Sri Lanka tour. HT spoke to him about the challenges and how he goes about his game. Excerpts:

    You made a bright start in England and had a good IPL. How has life changed?

    Whatever I have got is because of cricket, so my focus is always on cricket. I believe the game will respect you as much as you respect it. My father has taught me the value of staying humble.

    At this level it's more of a mental game?

    When I am batting, I focus on keeping a calm head so that I can think clearly. When faced with a difficult situation, if you are able to keep your cool, then you will always handle it better Read More »from Rahane 'totally focused'
  • I should not have acted in anger: Ganguly

    Ganguly said: I’m definitely not playing because of money. In fact, I can earn more if I give more time to television.

    Calcutta: India’s most successful Test captain, Sourav Ganguly, turns 40 on Sunday. On the eve of his birthday, Sourav spoke to The Telegraph for over 45 minutes at his Behala residence.

    The following are excerpts

    Q: On Sunday, will you be 40 years young or old?

    A: (Laughs) Definitely 40 years young.

    For some, life begins at 40...

    Look, for me, life goes on. It doesn’t begin anywhere and it doesn’t end anywhere.

    What could be your first thought on Sunday?

    Don’t know... It will be just another day and just another birthday... I like doing things which make me happy and that won’t change.

    Has something special been planned?


    On the eve of turning 40, how do you view the years that have gone by?

    Nobody is satisfied 100 per cent... I’d say I’m satisfied to the extent of 90-95 per cent... But that’s fine, for if you get happiness only, then you won’t know the value of sadness... I’ve had a good life, born into a family where I didn’t have to worry about anything. When I look around, generally,Read More »from I should not have acted in anger: Ganguly
  • 'India captaincy is a crown of thorns'

    Captains in India have to get everything right from the word go, there’s no scope for trial and error, feels Anjum Chopra.

    Anjum Chopra, a former India captain and one of the glamour girls of Indian sport, recently spoke to The Telegraph.

    The following are excerpts:

    Having one captain for men’s Test cricket and another for ODIs and T20 Internationals...

    I consider no split to be a good policy. If the person we’re looking at as captain is good enough to find a place in all three formats, then he should be the only captain.

    The disadvantage of a split...

    It’s more pronounced on tours, I think, where 60-70 per cent of the players are common across formats...If you have different captains, then the players have got to keep adjusting in the dressing room. No two captains have the same mindset or the same temperament and they’ll have different sets of players ‘following’ them. Call them loyalists, if you wish. I don’t think that’s healthy. In my view, camaraderie gets affected.

    If Mahendra Singh Dhoni should keep the captaincy in all three formats...

    Well, Dhoni is a good player and a good captain. He’s a

    Read More »from 'India captaincy is a crown of thorns'


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