I want to meet Mahi’s mentor

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With every passing game my admiration for Dhoni's captaincy has only
grown. Many captains in world cricket would have had a creased brow
when the Wasim Jaffer-Ross Taylor partnership was on. Instead Dhoni was
a picture of calmness even when the match seemed to be slipping away.

leader's greatest gift is not to let the pressure get to the players,
especially the bowlers. Running up to them each time and saying
encouraging words seem to have had a positive effect on them.

bowling is not the Super Kings' strongest point yet Dhoni has made them
deliver to potential each time and that too under severe pressure.

of the captains in the IPL have let the situation get to them. It is
apparent even on television. It is never easy to concentrate under
pressure and the thought process can take a toss, but Dhoni seems to
blessedly different. If it self-acquired then kudos to the icon from
Jharkhand. If it was taught to him, I want to meet his mentor.

cricket needs such an uncluttered mind. Thanks to Sachin for tipping
Dhoni's name as captain for the T20 and ODI team. The way Dhoni handles
the crowd is an education in itself. Very patient and always kind he is
a fine example for youngsters to follow.

What got lost in his
flamboyance was his astute cricket brain. And his comments on Monday
after the game on the shine on the ball were further proof of his
cricketing acumen. In the heat of the battle the fielders did not keep
the shine on the ball and any captain can lose out on that. Not Dhoni
who had quickly brought that to his players' notice.

The knocks
he has played in the last two games were vastly different in nature,
yet effective keeping in mind the team's interest.

Chasing low
totals can be tricky at times and against the Knight Riders he promoted
himself to guide the team through. Against the Royal Challengers it was
an entirely different ball game.

Mind you it was not an easy track as some of the big hits may have seemed because they came off.

did not enjoy the best of starts and neither did he have the usually
free flowing Mike Hussey in full flight at the other end. He took his
chances and it paid off.

Republished with permission from The Asian Age