Second Test: India vs Australia at Bangalore: Day 5 highlights

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- PR George was dismissed for zero on his debut in Australia's second innings providing the 79th occasion of an Australian batsman scoring a duck on his test debut in one of the innings. He became the seventh Australian batsman to suffer such an ignominy against India. Others are - BN Jarman at Kanpur in second innings : RHD Sellers at Kolkata in Oct 1964 in first innings : MG Hughes at Adelaide in first innings : GR Roberston at Chennai in Mar 1998 in second innings : NM Hauritz at Mumbai in Nov 2004 in first innings : PM Siddle at Mohali in Oct 2008 in first innings {Note : Innings has reference to Australia's first or second innings}.


- India were set a target of 207 for a win in this Test. This target is the highest target set by a team for a win at Bangalore. The following are the targets set for a visiting team and for India to win a Test at Bangalore.


- Visiting Team : Australia chased a target of 194 runs against India in Mar 1998 and won the Test by eight wickets . Scores - India 424 and 169: Australia - 400 and 195 for 2:


- India : India chased a target of 150 against New Zealand in Oct 1995  won the Test by eight wickets : Scores : NZl - 145 and 233 : India - 228 and 151 for 2:


- India has chased the fourth innings target of 200 plus runs at home on five occasions including the one in this Test. The five occasions are  - India scored 387 for 4 {target 386} and won the Test by six wickets against England at Chennai in Dec 2008 : India scored 256 for 8 {target 255} and won the Test by two wickets against Australia at Mum-BS in Oct 1964 : India scored 216 for 9 {target 215} and won the Test by one wicket against Australia at Mohali in Oct 2010 : India scored 203 for 4 {target 202} and won the Test by six wickets against Pakistan at Delhi in Nov 2007 and India scored 207 for 3 {target 206} and won the Test by seven wickets at Bangalore in Oct 2010.


- CA Pujara scored fifty {72} in India's second innings on his Test debut. He became the 36th Indian batsman to score a fifty on debut. He is the 16th Indian batsman to score a fifty on debut in India's second innings. He became the third Indian batsman to score a fifty on debut against Australia. Other two are - DG Phadkar - 51 in the first innings at Sydney in Dec 1947 and GR Viswanath - 137 in second innings at Kanpur in Nov 1969.


- CA Pujara's fifty {72} on debut in this Test provide the fifth occasion of a batsman scoring a fitty on debut at Bangalore. The others are - CG Greenidge of West Indies - 93 and 107 vs India in Nov 1974, HS Kanitkar of India - 65 in the first innings vs West Indies in Nov 1974 : DS Lehmann of Australia - 52 in the first innings vs India in Mar 1998 and MJ Clarke of Australia - 151 in the first innings vs India in Oct 2004.


- CA Pujara became the second Indian batsman to score a fifty on debut {72} at Bangalore, after HS Kanitkar who had made 65 vs West Indies in Nov 1974.


- Prior to the start of the Bangalore Test, R Dravid and SR Tendukar have an aggregate of 6076 partnership runs. When they added six runs {sixth run coming from the blade of SR Tendulkar - a single to deep mid wicket of N Hauritz - third delivery of 31st over}, they took their partnership runs to 6082 and occupied the second place among the pair of batsmen who have an aggregate of 6000 partnership runs. They went past Australian pair ML Hayden-JL Langer pair that has 6081 runs to its credit. CG Greenidge-DL Haynes of West Indies with 6482 runs has most runs. At the end of the Test, Dravid-Tendular pair has an aggregate of 6137 runs.


- R Dravid batted at number five in this innings providing the eleventh occasion of his batting at number five. He has played 249 Test innings. The last occasion he batted at number five was against Sri Lanka at Col-SSC in Jul 2008.


- India won this series 2-0. India and Australia have clashed each other in 21 series. The just concluded series is the 21st series between the two teams. Australia has won 10 series, India has won 06 series and 05 series were drawn.


- India has won the following six series: Australia in India Test Series 1979-80 - Six Test series - India won 2-0 : Border-Gavaskar Trophy in India 1996-97 - One Test series - India won 1-0 : Border-Gavaskar Trophy in India 1997-98 - Three Test series - India won 2-1 : Border-Gavaskar Trophy in India 2000-01 - Three Test series - India won 2-0 : Border-Gavaskar Trophy 2008-09 - Four Test series - India won 2-0 : and Border-Gavaskar Trophy 2010-11 : Two Test series - India won 2-0:


- R Dravid and SR Tendulkar have 41 fifty plus runs partnerships between them prior to the Bangalore Test. In India's second innings they added 61 runs for the unfinished fourth wicket which gave them 42 fifty plus partnerships, Now they on par with CG Greenidge-DL Haynes and ML Hayden-JL Langer pair who have 42 fifty plus runs partnerships.


- SR Tendulkar scored 214 and 53 not out in this Test providing the 12th occasion of Indian batsmen scoring a double hundred and a fifty in a Test match.


- SR Tendulkar has scored a double hundred and fifty in a Test match on two occasions - 241* and 60* vs Australia at Sydney in Jan 2004 and 214 and 53* vs Australia at Bangalore in Oct 2010. He became the fourth Indian batsman to perform such a feat on two or more occasions. Others are - R Dravid {three occasions} : SM Gavaskar {two occasions}  and VVS Laxman {two occasions}.


- At the end of the series, the head to head count read thus : Matches played - 78 : Won by India - 20 : Won by Australia - 34 : Tied - 01 : Drawn - 23: