The rewards of staying positive and backing yourself

Brett Lee
cricket blogs for Yahoo Cricket Columns

It is nice to be
able to be among the wickets and progress to being figuring high in the Bowling
Efficiency on the Castrol Index. The ball came out of the hand pretty well the other
night in Colombo against Pakistan. To me it is always a good indication of how
things are progressing.


And to think that
some months ago, the only person who believed I could be back bowling was me.


When you analyse
Australia's last league game in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 against
Pakistan, it is clear that we didn’t score enough runs. Unfortunately, that
night in Colombo, we didn't do well enough to give ourselves the opportunity to
bowl with a score to defend. I think skipper Ricky Ponting echoed these
comments after the day's play.


In fact, I have been
happy with the way I have bowled throughout this tournament. In the first four
matches, I had four wickets and it would have been nice to have a few more. I
felt I was bowling okay and that the wickets would come. I have stayed patient,
remained positive and kept doing the right things.


I have been asked
time and again how easy or difficult it is to stay positive amid talk that one
hasn't got the results that others expect from you. It is the same as everyday
people in life. There are times when you feel you are doing everything possible
the right way and no matter how hard you try, you can't get the results you are


And that is where I
suppose I was after the first four matches when I had four wickets. I believed
that I was bowling well but not getting the wickets that I wanted to. It was a
matter of telling myself to be patient and believing in my own ability. I knew
that a big bag of wickets was round the corner and I am glad that the last
couple of matches have helped me climb up the Castrol Index.


Brett Lee, is writing in his role as a Castrol Index spokesperson.