IPL Match 37: Kolkata Knight Riders vs Kings Eleven Punjab

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- AC Gilchrist's lone six in this game gave him an aggregate of 70 sixes in IPL. He became the first batsman to score 70 sixes in IPL. The following batsmen have scored 60 plus sixes in IPL -  AC Gilchrist {70} : YK Pathan {66} : SK Raina {65} : Yuvraj Singh {62} and RG Sharma {60}.


- AC Gilchrist's IPL run aggregate read 1397 at the end of this game. He stands third in the list of batsmen who have scored most runs in IPL. SK Raina {1528} and SR Tendulkar {1446} occupy the first two places. AC Gilchrist went past JH Kallis who had 1377 runs on his way to the third place.


- This game was the 50th IPL game for JH Kallis.  Others to play 50 or more IPL games are - S Badrinath {53} : SK Raina {53} : RV Uthappa {53} : AC Gilchrist {52} : V Kohli {52} : RG Sharma {52} : MS Dhoni {51} : YK Pathan {51} : Yuvraj Singh {51} : IK Pathan {50} and RP Singh {50}.


- DJ Hussey with his 15 in this game took his T20 run aggregate to 3511. He became the second batsman in T20 games to total 3500 plus runs after BJ Hodge who has a total of 3538 runs.


- SE Marsh, KD Karthik and AM Nayar were dismissed run out in this game which swelled the number of run out in IPL 2011 to 40.


- G Gambhir's IPL run aggregate read 1351 at the end of this game. He now occupies the sixth place in the list of most run getters in IPL. SK Raina {1528} : SR Tendulkar {1446} : AC Gilchrist {1397} : JH Kallis {1377} and RG Sharma {1373} occupy the first four places in the list.


- MK Tiwari's aggregate of IPL sixes stood at 11 at the end of this game. He scored one six in this game.  The complete list of batsmen who have scored ten or more sixes in IPL 2011 read thus - Yuvraj Singh {13} : CH Gayle {12} : PC Valthaty {12} : RA Jadeja {12} : V Kohli {11} : MK Tiwary {11} and V Sehwag {11}.


- G Gambhir scored four fours in this game which game him an aggregate of 252 boundary fours in T20 games. He became the ninth batsman to score 250 plus boundary fours in T20 games. Other batsmen to score 250 plus boundary fours in T20 games are - BJ Hodge {380} : BB McCullum {295} : DA Warner {287} : GC Smith {279} : KC Sangakkara {275} : HH Gibbs {264} : MJ Lumb {260}  and DPMD Jayawardene {257}.


- Kolkata's eight wicket victory in this game provide the eleventh occasion of a team posting eight wickets win in IPL 2011. Kolkata is the only team in IPL 2011 games played so far to post eight or more wickets win on three occasions. The other two occasions are - nine wickets win against Jaipur at Jaipur on 15.04.11 : eight wickets win over Jaipur at Kolkata on 17.04.11.