IPL Match 34: Rajasthan Royals vs Mumbai Indians

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- SR Tendulkar and R Satish were dismissed stumped in this game to provide the 15th and 16th occasion of a batsman dismissed stumped in IPL 2011.


- This game was the 50th game for both Jaipur and Mumbai. They are the fifth and sixth teem to play 50 plus games in IPL. Other four teams are - Chennai {53}: Hyderabad {53}: Delhi {50} and Bangalore {52}.


- SL Malinga with his lone wicket took his tally of IPL wickets to 50. He became the sixth bowler in IPL to capture 50 plus wickets. Others are - RP Singh {56} : SK Warne {54} : PP Ojha {52} : A Mishra {51} and IK Pathan {51}.


- SK Warne with his lone wicket in this game took his aggregate of IPL wickets to 54. He now stands second in the list of most wicket takers in IPL. RP Singh with 56 wickets tops the list.


- Mumbai's 94 for 8 in this game provide the second occasion of a team scoring less than 100 runs without being all out in IPL. The other occasion was Mohali's 92 for 8 against Chennai at Durban on 20.05.09.