IPL 2011 – Records and Milestones – from Match No 37 to Match No 52

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V Sehwag of Delhi has scored 424 runs in IPL 2011 from eleven matches. He has scored one hundred and two fifties. He also earned the distinction of becoming the first batsman to score 50 boundary fours in IPL 2011. He has scored 51 boundary fours. He has scored 18 boundary sixes.

CH Gayle of Bangalore has scored 26 boundary sixes from five games.  He became the first batsman to score 25 or more boundary sixes in IPL 2011. ST Jayasuriya of Mumbai {31}, SE Marsh of Mohali {26} and YK Pathan of Jaipur {25} have scored 25 or more boundary sixes. AC Gilchrist of Hyderabad had the distinction of scoring 29 boundary sixes in IPL 2010. RV Uthappa of Bangalore {27} and M Vijay of Chennai {26} had scored 25 or more boundary sixes in IPL 2009.

At the end of Game Number 52 in the ongoing edition the following batsmen have scored 50 plus sixes in IPL – AC Gilchrist {70}: YK Pathan {69}: SK Raina {68}: Yuvraj Singh {66}: RG Sharma {63}: V Sehwag {60} and CH Gayle {52}.

SK Raina {1695} and SR Tendulkar {1535} are the only two batsmen who have aggregated 1500 plus runs in IPL. The following batsmen have totaled 1300 plus runs in IPL – SK Raina {1695}: SR Tendulkar {1535}: JH Kallis {1473}: RG Sharma {1452}: AC Gilchrist {1400}: V Sehwag {1384} and KC Sangakkara {1303}.

The following batsmen have aggregated 150 plus boundary fours in IPL – SR Tendulkar {192} : V Sehwag {168} : G Gambhir {167} : JH Kallis {165} : AC Gilchrist {158} and KC Sangakkara {157}.

As many as eighteen cricketers have played 50 plus IPL games with SK Raina and S Badrinath – both form Chennai – holding the distinction of appearing in most IPL games. They have played 57 games. Others to play 50 plus games are – AC Gilchirst {55} : RG Sharma {55} : RV Uthappa {55} : MS Dhoni {54} : V Kohli {54} : JH  Kallis {53} : IK Pathan {53} : Yuvraj Singh {53} : R Dravid {52} : SK Warne {52} : PP Chawla {51} : G Gambhir {51} : PP Ojha {50} and V Sehwag {50}.

JH Kallis {13} : SK Raina {12} : SE Marsh {11} : SR Tendulkar {11} : V Sehwag {10} and RG Sharma {10} are the six batsmen who have scored ten or more fifties in IPL. KC Sangakkara, S Badrinath, G Gambhir, AC Gilchrist are the other four batsmen who have scored nine fifties and require one more fifty to join the select band of batsmen who have scored ten or more fifties.

MS Dhoni {54} and SK Warne {52} are the two captains who have played 50 or more games in IPL. MS Dhoni with 1232 runs to his credit is the only captain to score 1000 runs in IPL, while SK Warne is the only captain to capture 50 plus wickets in IPL. He has captured 55 wickets.

The following are the bowlers who have captured 50 plus wickets in IPL at the end of the match number 52 in IPL 2011 – RP Singh {58} : SL Malinga {57} : PP Ojha {56} : SK Warne {55} : JA Morkel {54} : IK Pathan {54} and A Mishra {53}.

SL Malinga has captured 24 wickets so far and holds the record for most wickets by a bowler not only in IPL 2011 but also for any editions of IPL. The following bowlers have captured 20 plus wickets in the earlier editions – 2008 edition – Sohail Tanvir {22}: 2009 edition – RP Singh {23} and A Kumble {21 and 2010 edition – PP Ojha {21}.

V Sehwag {119} – Delhi vs Hyderabad at Hyd-RGS on 05.05.11 and CH Gayle {107} – Bangalore vs Mohali at Bangalore on 06.05.11 scored hundreds with which the number of hundreds in IPL 2011 swelled to five and to seventeen in IPL.

CH Gayle of Bangalore became the only batsman to score two hundreds in a single edition of IPL. He scored 102 not out vs Kolkata at Kolkata on 22.04.11 and 107 vs Mohali at Bangalore on 06.05.11.

CH Gayle's 102 not out against Mohali at Bangalore was his third T20 hundred. The others are – 117 for West Indies vs South Africa at Jo'burg on 11.09.07 and 107 for Bangalore vs Kolkata at Kolkata on 22.04.11.

CH Gayle became the third batsman in the history of T20 games to score three hundreds. Others are – BB McCullum and IJ Harvey.

BB McCullum's three hundreds read thus – 158 not out for Kolkata vs Bangalore at Bangalore on 18.04.08 : 116* for New Zealand vs Australia at Christchurch on 28.02.10 and 108 not out for Otago vs Auckland at Dunedin on 15.01.10.

IJ Harvey's three hundreds read thus – 109 for Yorkshire vs Derbyshire at Leeds on 28.06.08 : 108 not out for Yorkshire vs Lancashire at Leeds on 14.07.04 and 100 not out for Gloucestershire vs Warwickshire at Birmingham on 23.06.04.

The following batsmen have scored two hundreds in T20 games – A Symonds, AC Gilchrist, BJ Hodge, CL White, DPMD Jayawardene, GA Hick, H Masakadza, JHK Adams, L Vincent and SE Marsh.

CH Gayle's 102 not out against Mohali at Bangalore on 06.05.11 represent the 17th hundred in IPL and 91st hundred in T20 games. It also represents the fifth hundred in IPL 2011. 

V Sehwag joined the list of batsmen who have scored 2000 plus runs in T20 games. The complete list read thus – BJ Hodge {3602}, DJ Hussey {3516}, BB McCullum {2979}, LRPL Taylor {2775}, DA Warner {2767}, HH Gibbs {2673}, KC Sangakkara {2476}, OA Shah {2453}, SK Raina {2407}, DPMD Jayawardene {2371}, JP Duminy {2342}, JH Kallis {2319}, RG Sharma {2319}, SB Styris {2261}, GC Smith {2258}, JA Morkel {2211}. G Gambhir {2149}, A Symonds {2099}, Yuvraj Singh {2081}, ST Jayasuriya {2052}. CL White {2049} and V Sehwag {2033}.

BB McCullum became the second batsman in the history of T20 games to score 300 plus boundary fours. At the end of Kochi's game against Bangalore at Bangalore on 08.05.11, he had an aggregate of 303 boundary fours. BJ Hodge is the other batsman who has scored 386 boundary fours.

CH Gayle scored 37 in one over – the bowler to suffer was Prashant Parameshwaran of Kochi. CH Gayle’s feat represent the first occasion of such a feat in IPL.

AS Raut of Jaipur was run out in the game against Chennai at Jaipur on 09.05.11 providing the 57th occasion of a batsman dismissed run out in IPL 2011. IPL 2011 edition has witnessed 19 batsmen dismissed stumped.

S Badrinath of Chennai and AT Rayudu of Mumbai have scored four fifties in IPL 2011. Eight batsmen scored four or more fifties in 2008 edition, five in 2009 and five in 2010. Thus the IPL has witnessed 12 batsmen scoring four or more fifties.

A Mishra of Hyderabad leaked 53 runs in the game against Delhi at Hyd-RGS on 05.05.11 to provide the fifth occasion of a bowler conceding 50 plus run in IPL 2011 and the 29th such occasion in IPL.