• JH Kallis extended his IPL run aggregate from 1325 to 1365 with his 40 in this game. He stands third in the list of most run getters in IPL. SK Raina {1487} and SR Tendulkar
    {1406} occupy the first two places.

    JH Kallis scored four boundary fours in this game which gave him an aggregate of 152 boundary fours in IPL. He became the third batsman in IPL to score 150 plus boundary fours. Others are – SR Tendulkar {175} and G Gambhir {156}

    G Gambhir's six boundary fours gave him an aggregate of 156 boundary fours at the end of this game. He hit six boundary fours in this game. He is one of three batsman who have scored 150 plus boundary fours in IPL - SR Tendulkar {175} : G Gambhir {156} and JH Kallis {152}.

    YK Pathan took his aggregate of boundary sixes to 68 with his three sixes in this game. He now stands second in the list of batsmen who have scored most sixes in IPL. AC
    Gilchrist occupies the first place with 68 boundary sixes.

    YK Pathan is one of the three batsmen who have scored 60

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  • Chris Gayle, the man with a whopping 14,000 runs in International Cricket, made up of no less than thirty-three colossal centuries, and a career spanning over a decade, may soon cease to be a West Indian Batsman. That's a terrible thing to happen to any batsmen worth his salt, for representing the country is by far the biggest honour that one can take pride in. It's a feeling unparalleled, and a dream that every sports person strives to fulfil. Gayle, am certain, is no less patriotic than any one of us. So why on earth did he choose a club, far less in standing, over a far more honoured National duty? Strangely, Sri Lanka's Malinga too has opted out of the upcoming SL–England Test series citing an injury, while he continues to swank his skill at the ongoing IPL. Do we see a dangerous trend building up, one that is forcing Cricketers from countries with not-so-rich boards to settle for the moneyed IPL? More importantly, would these Cricketers be reprimanded for choosing Club over

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  • Sachin Tendulkar turns 38 on Sunday, he is in his 22nd year in international cricket and yet there is no talk about him riding off into the sunset. Why should there be when he
    is playing as well as ever, the runs are being stroked fluently and the big scores are being notched up in all formats of the game. He may be 38 as far as his birth certificate goes but seeing him on the field scampering for the quick single, coming back energetically for two, leaping and diving to stop the ball from going to the boundary one could be forgiven for passing him off as no more than 25.

    Tendulkar has drunk from the elixir of youth and ageless is perhaps the best way to describe his art and craft. It really is quite incredible that after all these years he is
    still able to retain his keenness for the game. This boyish enthusiasm is clearly the main reason behind his success and longevity. He is still able to hold his own in the field
    despite being surrounded by much younger teammates and as far as his

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