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    has dealt with the imminent problems with the BCCI's academy structure - the
    fact that these specialist academies aren't exactly the right way forward, or
    that the National Cricket Academy needs to reinvent itself.


    Of course, the question here is how. In June
    2007, I vividly recall a lunch meeting with the former BCCI president, the late
    Raj Singh Dungarpur at the Cricket Club of India. The topic of discussion: taking
    Indian cricket forward with the sport at the heart of reforms. That CCI visit came
    at the backdrop of a book research trip to Sri Lanka.


    Through several interactions with many Sri
    Lankan cricketers of both past and present, I learnt that Sri Lankan cricket
    had forged an excellent talent scouting and development system, with limited
    resources and importantly, a four tier system. This meant that at any point,
    they had close to 45 players to work with, across levels - the national team,
    the A team, the U19

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  • DM Bravo's
    hundred in West Indies's second innings in the second test against India at Kolkata in the ongoing test series was
    the 100th hundred scored by West Indies batsmen against India.
    India is the third team
    against which West Indies batsmen have scored
    100 plus centuries. The other two teams against which West Indies have
    performed this feat are - England
    {128} and Australia


    West Indies's feat
    provide the ninth occasion of a team scoring hundred hundreds against a
    specific opposition.


    India has
    conceded 100 hundreds against two reams - England
    and West Indies.


    England has
    done it against four teams, West Indies have done it against three teams and Australia has
    done it against two teams


    following are the teams which have scored 100 hundreds against each other - Australia has scored 287 hundreds against England, while England
    has scored 231 hundreds against Australia.
    Australia has scored 107 hundreds against West Indies, while West Indies has
    scored 102

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  • Teams play bad cricket and teams lose, indeed Australia have lost too,
    even from winning positions as they did at Eden Gardens in 2001 and from strong
    positions like at Adelaide in 2003-04. But with good teams the losses become
    events and that is why Australia
    were such a good cricketing nation. They had good players because they had a
    good system and they played tough. Beneath that excellent winning record lie a
    number of matches that could have gone the other way had it not been for bold,
    decisive cricket.



    And Australia
    never admitted they were down because that would have made the opposition
    strong. They always talked a good game, said the right things and hardly, if
    ever, revealed chinks in the armour. And that is why I am a little baffled at
    some of the recent statements coming out of their camp.



    "There was panic" one of the players said while the now infamous and, for
    many in the opposition all these years, memorable collapse was underway. You
    wondered, and you hardly

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