• What is wrong with West Indian cricket? Everything it would seem. On and off the field it lurches from one crisis to another. With the players and the Cricket Board at loggerheads it is unlikely that things will improve. Perhaps this is reflected by the on field happenings. The West Indies are No 7 in the ICC Test rankings and No 8 in the ODI rankings. They have just gone down to a rather experimental Pakistan side with the home advantage obviously meaning nothing. Senior players like Chris Gayle, Shivnarine Chanderpaul and Ramnaresh Sarwan have been dropped amidst a lot of acrimony even though the last named figured in the final two games against Pakistan. Gayle and Kieron Pollard two of their best known players are currently playing in the IPL. And their ten-wicket capitulation at the hands of Pakistan in the World Cup quarterfinal is too fresh in memory. 


    It is always sad to see a great side slip down the ladder and playing standards falling to an abysmal level. Australia has

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  • In the World Cup finals against Sri Lanka, I vividly remember Sachin delaying the square-cut by allowing Nuwan Kulasekra's short-pitched delivery to go past him before making contact. Result-a well placed, well timed boundary on the left of the fielder standing at point while beating the man at third-man. To cover that particular stroke, the point fielder went a lot finer, but this time Sachin decided to play the same delivery a fraction earlier to find the gap on the right of the fielder at point, resulting in another inevitable boundary. Now Sangakarra brought the cover fielder a lot squarer to plug that gap, unfortunately though to no avail. Sachin, this time, went a bit more across towards the off-stump to play the almost identical delivery with a straight bat to maximize the gap created by moving the fielders squarer, producing, yet again, a third meticulously executed boundary.


    Formats changed but Sachin continued to bat in the same vein. This time he dished out similar

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  • - R Dravid and SK Warne were playing their 50th IPL game with their appearance in this game. Other cricketers  to play 50 plus IPL games are - S Badrinath {53} : SK Raina {53} : RV Uthappa {53} : AC Gilchrist {52} : V Kohli {52} : RG Sharma {52} : MS Dhoni {50} : YK Pathan {51} : Yuvraj Singh {51} : JH Kallis {50} : IK Pathan {50} and RP Singh {50}.


    - SK Warne became the second captain after MS Dhoni to appear in 50 plus IPL games. MS Dhoni has played 51 IPL games.  The win in this game gave SK Warne 29 victories in IPL. MS Dhoni has more wins than SK Warne - 30 wins.


    - SK Warne's lone wicket in this game gave him 55 wickets. He now stands second in the list of most wicket takers in IPL. RP Singh is ahead of SK Warne with 56 wickets. SK Warne became the first captain in IPL to bag 55 wickets.


    - Jaipur won this game which gave them the 29th win in IPL. Chennai has won more games than Jaipur in IPL. It has won 30 games.


    - R Dravid's IPL run aggregate at the end of his 50th IPL

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