• Only a few athletes are blessed to write their own scripts.
    SachinTendulkar will probably remain the only cricketer in the history
    of the game who has been forced to prove himself time and again.

    you after a phenomenal run for more than 18 seasons and 27,000 plus
    international runs! To not have an ODI hundred in Australia is not a
    sin but that is what most pundits thought. Sachin has clearly been a
    case of being consumed by the monster he himself created. The weight of
    expectations has sometimes been unrealistic and yet he has carried on
    gamely. His determination was evident right from the start of the
    innings and good that he found an able lieutenant in young Rohit Sharma.

    was a perfect one-day innings. Sachin was tiring towards the end but
    was still able to manufacture shots that precluded the Australians from
    bowling to a pattern. Rohit has come on nicely in this tour. Barring
    the manner in which he played Michael Clarke, where I thought he gave
    him too much respect, his

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  • Test matches in the subcontinent tend to go to one extreme or the
    other. Either you get a square turner on which the visiting batsmen
    generally don't stand a chance or you get a wicket that is so placid
    that the bowlers of both sides have no chance. When wickets swing to
    the extreme like the one at Chepauk for the first Test, what you get is
    a onesided contest in which the bowlers of both sides stand very little
    chance of dominating the proceedings.

    The runs batsmen score may
    always be attractive but when you know they are getting them without
    even having to try too hard, spectators tend to get bored with the

    I know the Chennai weather may have to take the blame for much of the way the wicket is playing.

    The groundsmen have not had the opportunity to prepare the pitch by constant rolling and watering as they would have liked to.

    I don't blame the bowlers for failing as they did in South Africa's first innings of 540.

    The point everyone has to accept is Indian cricket does not

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