• It is no surprise that the Board of Control for Cricket in India has had no questions to ask of the Indian team and its management about the recent debacle in the second Test in Ahmedabad. There has not even been the sort of reaction which is to be only expected when the much hyped Indian team gets the sort of hiding it did and in three days. All the gains reportedly made on the tour of Australia seemed to be nullified. But the skipper, Anil Kumble and even the senior players have glossed over it by saying that it is one of those things that can happen, "one of those bad days" that can afflict any team.

    Can you imagine the reactions from the public and the media had this happened to Australia? The team would have had hell to pay and the criticism would have been unforgiving and vicious. The Australian team would not have had any excuses to make and since it is a country that has always taken great pride in its cricketing and overall, sporting achievements, a defeat rankles and all the

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  • India certainly dominated proceedings on day four of this Test. Or let's say, Virender Sehwag did. The trouble is, because of the flatness of the pitch, and the high moisture content in the air, the ball is doing nothing at all: neither through the air, nor off the pitch. So the bowlers are getting nothing in terms of reverse swing or spin. While the track will probably take some spin tomorrow and on Sunday, today belonged to Sehwag.

    In terms of stroke making, Sehwag's innings was the best I have seen. Sometimes, even though you are in the opposition, you can't help admiring an innings, even if it goes against you. Purely in cricketing terms, Sehwag played an incredible innings. He just proved better than all of us today, and you have to give him credit for that.

    I tried all the options that I could -- my bowlers went over and round the wicket, and were aggressive and defensive by turn-but nothing worked. And the new ball was due but I didn't take it because my bowlers were tired and

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  • The Chappell brothers, Ian and Greg, have always impressed me as serious students of the game.

    Hence, when there is a tricky question or an intriguing situation in the game, they would be the first to apply their minds. This is one of the reasons why I admire them. While the elder, Ian, has wisely decided that his association with Indian cricket would be restricted to the commentary box and columns - "I'd be mad to accept an offer to coach" the younger, Greg, cannot stay away, despite his unfortunate experiences with the top job in the country. The verdict has to be that vested interests and envy combined to conspire to work against his success and the best coach India could have had, was reduced to a victim of Chanakyan intrigue.

    Even then - may be the feeling that he has much to contribute to Indian cricket in an unofficial capacity keeps him here under the aegis of the Rajasthan Cricket Association and the patronage of Indian cricket's latest kingmaker and money spinner, Lalit Modi.

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