• With every passing game my admiration for Dhoni's captaincy has only
    grown. Many captains in world cricket would have had a creased brow
    when the Wasim Jaffer-Ross Taylor partnership was on. Instead Dhoni was
    a picture of calmness even when the match seemed to be slipping away.

    leader's greatest gift is not to let the pressure get to the players,
    especially the bowlers. Running up to them each time and saying
    encouraging words seem to have had a positive effect on them.

    bowling is not the Super Kings' strongest point yet Dhoni has made them
    deliver to potential each time and that too under severe pressure.

    of the captains in the IPL have let the situation get to them. It is
    apparent even on television. It is never easy to concentrate under
    pressure and the thought process can take a toss, but Dhoni seems to
    blessedly different. If it self-acquired then kudos to the icon from
    Jharkhand. If it was taught to him, I want to meet his mentor.

    cricket needs such

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  • It was heartening to see the Chennai crowd get full value for
    their money. Everyone who had descended on the M.A. Chidambaram Stadium
    would have left satisfied. More than 400 runs and a result in favour of
    the home side, and the spectators could not have asked for more. There
    have been a few high scoring games in the IPL so far, but nothing comes
    close to this in terms of excitement provided.

    Whatever the
    format, the match stressed the importance of partnerships. Super Kings
    prospered on this count while the visitors failed to get a decent stand
    at the top, and that contributed to their loss. Mathew Hayden and
    Suresh Raina played a pivotal role in the win no doubt but what made
    the difference was Hayden's approach. The Australian was content giving
    the strike to Raina. It is not often we see a senior partner do this
    but to Hayden's credit he allowed Raina to flower in the partnership.
    It is important in Twenty20 for both batsmen to maintain momentum and
    that is precisely what the duo

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  • Not
    even the peripatetic Lalit Modi could have ordered the fireworks on the
    field. Brendon McCullum did the match commissioner's creative child,
    the Indian Premier League, a huge favour by setting the cricket on
    fire. And then came the Michael Hussey century in just the second game
    in a record number of balls, which meant two batsmen had instilled
    excitement at the very beginning to get the event off and running as if
    it were a sprinter on steroids.

    IPL is here to stay. No doubt about that. It might be impossible to
    sustain such brilliance even within the narrow confines of Twenty20
    cricket. What the cricket on show has done so far is to captivate an
    audience with the fantastic possibilities of the format in a set of
    matches each of which has brought out so many different aspects, from
    the ball-bashing, sixer-hitting galacticos to the cerebral twists and
    turns given to a cricket ball by the genius of Shane Warne, the
    ultimate spin doctor.
    darkly predicting the death of spin

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