• How much is too much cricket? Where does one draw the line? The issue has cropped up following the complaint by the Indian players that their heavy workload is taking its toll. The international schedule really is tight, but then, it would be easy to say that the Indian cricketers should not crib about too much cricket. This is the way the game is played these days for better or for worse and it is time they accepted it particularly as they are being paid handsomely as professionals.


    There was a time when cricket was a seasonal sport, when the season in India ran from November to March, when there were just a handful of Test matches every year, when the sport was more a leisurely activity. The change towards a packed calendar took place many years ago, but for some time now it has been virtually non-stop cricket. No more is it a seasonal sport, it is played round the year.


    The formats have increased, the teams have multiplied and there is demand for more and more cricket from

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  • Not so long ago, the predominant narrative in the cricketing discourse revolved around "player burnout" or what is now today called as "exhaustion". It took the BCCI to splash some cash around to silence it and somewhere, the focus through the Indian Premier League (IPL) went towards "creating a global Indian product" at the cost of its content - the players.

    Now, in the typically circular fashion of cricket debates, "burnout" has resurfaced, with some Indian cricketers apparently upset with the calendar thrust on them -- a calendar driven not by sound logic but by the greed of those who matter,  leaving the poor player with no choice except to follow the diktat. This re-visiting of the topic has predictably resulted in pro forma denials and a studied silence on the part of the Board -- a technique that body has perfected over the years.

    Player welfare


    In the modern era, given the way cricket is played and administered, player welfare becomes a critical, if not the most important

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  • It had been hoped that Pakistan would provide England with some stiff competition ahead of the Ashes this winter, but that has not proved to be the case.


    Waqar Younis's side are in a tricky transitional period with a host of experienced players having departed from the scene, but they must show a lot more guts at The Oval.


    There were some positive signs of a resurgence from the tourists in the second innings at Edgbaston, but they simply must be more competitive in the third Test for their own credibility.


    England have been by far the best team in the series so far, and Pakistan need to show that they have more to give than what they have shown thus far.


    The hosts are a settled unit and have considerably more direction and experience than their opponents, but they must not be allowed to steamroller their way through matches the way they have been.


    The England bowling attack is firing on all cylinders at the moment, and Pakistan have not been able to compete when up against

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