• - Bangladesh won the series 4-0 and thus the five match series. They had won the first match by nine runs at Dhaka on 05.10.10, second match at Dhaka was abandoned, won the third match by seven wickets, won the fourth match by nine runs and won the fifth match by three runs.


    - Bangladesh won its 61st one day game when it won this match by three runs providing the 16th occasion of a team winning an one day game by exact three runs margin in the history of one day games. It was Bangladesh's first victory by three runs margin.


    - This win by three runs provide Bangladesh's fifth win by single digit runs victory – by nine runs vs New Zealand at Dhaka on 05.10.10 : by nine runs vs New Zealand at Dhaka on 14.10.10 : by eight runs vs Zimbabwe at Harare on 10.03.04 : by five runs vs England at Bristol on 10.07.10 and by three runs vs New Zealand at Dhaka on 17.10.10.


    - At the end of this game, BB McCullum has an aggregate of 196 dismissals {189 catches and 07 stumpings} and against

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  • - T Taibu scored 78 in this game to provide the 15th occasion of his scoring a half century and 17th fifty in one day games.


    - At the end of this game, GC Smith has an aggregate of 4927 runs as captain in one day games. He requires 73 more runs for 5000 runs to become the sixth captain in one day games to total 6000 plus runs. Others are - RT Ponting {8272} : SP Fleming {6295} : A Ranatunga {5608} : M Azharuddin {5239} and SC Ganguly {5104}.


    - J Theron captured five for 44 in this game to provide the 335th occasion of a bowler capturing five or more wickets in one day games. His figures also represent the 29th occasion of a South African bowler capturing five or more wickets against various oppositions in one day games. J Theron became the first South African bowler to capture five or more wickets against Zimbabwe in one day games.


    - HM Amla and AB de Villers scored 110 and 101 not out respectively in this game providing the 88th occasion of two batsmen scoring hundreds in an

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  • - The Kochi one day match was abandoned without a ball being bowled providing the 75th occasion of match being abandoned with out a ball being bowled in the history of one day internationals.


    - As far India is concerned, it is the 19th such occasion - vs Sri Lanka at Galle on 25.06.88 : vs New Zealand at Jammu on 19.12.88 : Vs Pakistan at Peshawar on 16.12.89 : Vs Pakistan at Col-RPS on 15.09.04 : Vs New Zeland at Margao on 21.11.95 : Vs Australia at Cuttack on 27.10.96 : Vs Pakistan at Col-SSC on 21.07.97 : Vs New Zealand at Galle on 27.10.96 : Vs West Indies at Kingston on 25.05.02 : Vs West Indies at Kingston on 26.05.02 : Vs South Africa at Chennai on 22.11.05 : Vs Sri Lanka at Col-RPS on 16.08.06 : Vs Sri Lanka at Col-SSC on 20.08.06 : Vs England at Guwahathi on 09.04.06 : Vs South Africa at Johannesburg on 19.11.06 : Vs Bangladesh at Chittagong on 15.05.07 : Vs Sri Lanka at Col-RPS on 26.08.08 : Vs Australia at Mum-DYP on 11.11.09 and Vs Australia at Kochi on 17.10.10.


    - As

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