• - Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium became the 102nd ground in the annals of test cricket to host a test match. Dubai International Stadium which hosts the Pakistan and South Africa test match is numbered as 101st ground.


    - It is a common practice to number the event in cricket in the Alphabetical order. Between Dubai and Hyderabad, Dubai comes first in the Alphabetical order and hence is numbered as 101st ground.


    - Hyderabad became the 19th city in the annals of test cricket to host test matches on two or more grounds.


    - Hyderabad became the fifth Indian City to host tests on two or more grounds. Others are – Mumbai {03}, Chennai {02}, Nagpur {02} and Lucknow {02}.


    - Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium earned the distinction of becoming the 21st ground in India to host a test match.


    - Hyderabad Test is DL Vettori's 14th test against India and he now shares the record of most appearances against India with RJ Hadlee, who has also played 14 tests against India.


    - MS Dhoni

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  • From 50/50 to 20/25

    Over the years, and more especially over the past decade or so, cricket has systematically attempted to transform itself into a sport that combines fast-paced on-field action with a frenetic off-field entertainment component. The spectator is truly king, and administrators have become focused on accommodating the needs of the audience into the larger dynamics of running the sport. Somewhere along the way, cricket has learnt to seamlessly integrate its historic traditions with a more modern, marketing oriented narrative that not so long ago was anathema.


    One upshot of this development is that change now follows a far more rapid cycle. Over a century went by before one day cricket came along to challenge the monopoly of Test cricket; however, it did not take half as long for T20 to emerge as an alternative. The upshot has been that 50-over cricket is now under threat from the T20 format; it is widely argued that the lack of action in the middle overs, when both sides are in

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  • As I write, the 100-day countdown for the ICC Cricket World Cup has just started and the excitement may have officially begun. Already talk has commenced about which team will win the mega event to be held in the sub continent and if the atmosphere is not exactly at fever pitch it will soon be.


    The months will become weeks and the weeks will become days and before you know it, India and Bangladesh will be squaring off in the tournament opener on February 19. And, then for the next six weeks our lives will centre round the happenings in the ICC Cricket World Cup and nothing else will matter.


    This has happened every time without fail since the inaugural edition in 1975. Even though the media hype was predictably not as high as it is these days, I remember we could not wait for the action to start on June 7 of that year. There were just eight participating teams but among them were West Indies and Australia, the two leading competitors for the title. Everything pointed out to these

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