• The simulation programs are the cornerstone
    of the Tournament Simulation and Daily Predictor analysis. If the simulation
    program platform stands on four legs, one of the legs is the Recent Form, which
    plays a very important part in the way the simulation results go. In an earlier
    article, I had already looked at the way the RF analysis is being done. In this
    article I will explain how specific World Cup performances are weighted
    strongly, viz., 20%, to have a profound influence on the simulation results.


    To explain this, I will look at four
    players: a batsman and bowler who have hit the zone during the initial phase of
    round-robin matches, and a batsman and bowler who have not done so well. This
    will explain clearly how this important measure works.


    First the table of AB de Villiers who has blazed away from the beginning.


    Villiers A.B     Saf Career 113 14  4436 39.96

          W C  
    25 ( 44)

          W C 
    134 ( 98)  RF      RpI 
    10   490 49.00

          W C 
    107 (105)

    11 ( 12) 

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  • India's victory over Ireland in Bangalore shows
    how far the popular, and tough, Irish have come in the ICC Cricket World Cup


    Two weeks ago, this game would have been
    regarded as a pushover, as a gentle walk in the park, as two points in the
    bank. As it turned out, the two points arrived but as the Castrol Index worms
    constantly kept telling us, there were moments when we couldn't be sure. That
    is not only a tribute to the challengers but also an indictment of India's


    When India lost Sachin Tendulkar and Virat
    Kohli fairly quickly together, you will see the worms fairly interlocked. That
    is a fair assessment because the track was slow, the Irish were handling what
    seemed like thin resources pretty well and India was really an accident away
    from being in trouble. The final result suggests a relatively easy win but that
    is the result of a ferocious assault by Yusuf Pathan; it was more difficult
    than that.


    And yet, while that shows up bowling and
    fielding weaknesses,

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  • We have finally reached the half way point in the group stages and this World Cup is shaping up to be a tournament of contrasts, the most obvious of which is that between the two groups.


    Currently group B resembles a seven man all-in wrestling bout that the Dutch, as conscientious objectors, are boycotting. This scrap could go all the way. After all, the Irish have beaten the English who edged past the South Africans who walloped the West Indies who trounced Bangladesh who overcame the Irish. Only India are unbeaten but they still contrived to tie with England.


    England, briefly top of the group, can be sent packing if they lose to Bangladesh and West Indies. Ireland can still qualify if they beat the Netherlands and West Indies. Bangladesh have turned in some dreadful performances themselves both on and off the pitch (if the supporters can't even identify the right bus to stone it's a bit rich to have a go at the players), but can still go through if they beat England and England

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