• RIP Chesters, we will miss you

    On March 22nd, the eve of the first semi-final between New Zealand and Sri Lanka, I made that phone call to Colombo, to discuss events that have unfolded in the past two days - chaos, change and a supposed overhaul that Sri Lanka cricket has chosen to undertake. The man on the other side was a cricket writer ever so dedicated that even at 75, he sacrificed time with his wife on the outskirts of Colombo, Moratuwa to be precise, to fulfill his eternal passion. I promised him to return a call once the World Cup was done and dusted with, the frenzy had settled, a leisurely phone call to catch up on lost days with him. That, would sadly, be my last call to Trevor "Chesters" Chesterfield, for I learnt this afternoon that he was no more, and his loss, yet to sink in personally. A loss, that should resonate with a majority of our clique, for we've lost a man who lived for the game we all love the most, passionate as ever and importantly, a romantic.


    My first encounter with Chesters was in

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  • The World Cup is back to India after 28 years and with that the question - How to make a Champion team? Is it just luck as it often appears to the bystander or the lay spectator, or there are other factors. Is it a prescription that can be followed by all and sundry or is it just one of those one-off things.


    A lot of these questions were asked when Rajasthan reached the pinnacle of domestic cricket, winning the Ranji Trophy starting from the bottom of the Plate or the lower division. Any number of articles have been written on that fairy tale journey, and any number would now be written on the CWC 2011 journey of Team India. The beauty of sport is that you can never come with one size fits all kind of a solution or prescription but there are a few general things that definitely underlie successful campaigns.


    Napoleon Bonaparte famously preferred lucky generals to the brave ones. Seneca's definition of luck is what I like the most. "Luck is what happens when preparation meets

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  • 'Who told you to play that shot?' He asked angrily. 'But it was a short pitched delivery and I did get a boundary off it' replied the player, quite taken aback by the retort. 'It's not about what you achieve, but what you can help the team achieve' informed the man and ended the discussion for good.


    He was indeed the coach who started the revolution and subsequently metamorphosized Indian cricket in a way that changed its very fabric. He started a process, a vital one, which, and it won't be unfair to say that, played a crucial role in all that Indian cricket has achieved in the last decade. Yes, I'm talking about John Wright, Team India's coach between 200–200. Of course, the player in that conversation is none but yours' truly. I had despatched Craig Macmillan's harmless half-tracker behind the square-leg region for a boundary and indeed taken immense pleasure in doing so. In fact, I'd thought that John and the others would appreciate my effort, for I had compiled my first

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