• If World Cup 2011 was considered to be the litmus test for the 50 over format of cricket, it has certainly passed the test with flying colours. At least for some time now, the raging debate over the format's redundancy seems to have taken a back seat. Yes, India's participation till the end and the eventual victory had a huge role to play in its success, although it would be unfair to overlook the other factors which worked in the format's favour. And it may also be worth to have a closer look at the areas in which the format needs to reinvent itself to continue thriving in the age where people are hard-pressed for time, and a game of cricket lasting seven long hours may be just too much to endure. While it is easier to gloat in the glory, it's only wise to understand the demands of the time and change accordingly. And let's not forget T20 is breathing down its neck all the time.
    Here're a look at few positives that emerged from the World Cup 2011 and a few suggestions with regards to

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  • Public memory is short and cricket followers in this country are generally creatures of emotion and not of logic. There is nothing wrong in showing emotion per se. But then these displays should be controlled and should not go over the top. Under the circumstances it is no surprise that in the wake of India's triumph in the World Cup the questions in polls follow along the expected lines. Is this the best Indian ODI team ever? Is MS Dhoni the best-ever Indian captain? Is this the greatest triumph in Indian cricket history? And not unexpectedly the majority answers in the affirmative.


    In a way this kind of reaction is not surprising given the monumental achievement of winning back the World Cup after 28 years. The point to note however is that these questions are asked every time there is a memorable Indian triumph. And over the years there have been quite a few.


    Old timers still talk about the celebrations that followed India's first-ever Test victory in February 1952 at Madras.

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  • RIP Chesters, we will miss you

    On March 22nd, the eve of the first semi-final between New Zealand and Sri Lanka, I made that phone call to Colombo, to discuss events that have unfolded in the past two days - chaos, change and a supposed overhaul that Sri Lanka cricket has chosen to undertake. The man on the other side was a cricket writer ever so dedicated that even at 75, he sacrificed time with his wife on the outskirts of Colombo, Moratuwa to be precise, to fulfill his eternal passion. I promised him to return a call once the World Cup was done and dusted with, the frenzy had settled, a leisurely phone call to catch up on lost days with him. That, would sadly, be my last call to Trevor "Chesters" Chesterfield, for I learnt this afternoon that he was no more, and his loss, yet to sink in personally. A loss, that should resonate with a majority of our clique, for we've lost a man who lived for the game we all love the most, passionate as ever and importantly, a romantic.


    My first encounter with Chesters was in

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