• The appetite of the Indian cricket fan is insatiable. I for one was under the impression that they would have had their plates overfull with six weeks of World Cup fare and reckoned that the response for IPL-4 which commenced just six days after the final between India and Sri Lanka would be lukewarm. I could not have been more off the mark. Going by what one has seen over the first few days of the Twenty20 competition its popularity has not dimmed one bit. Matches have been well attended, fans have been glued to the TV yet again and wherever you go the discussion is no more on the World Cup but all about the Super Kings and the Knight Riders, the Royals and the Chargers, the Warriors and the Tuskers.


    That sums up the fascination for IPL and the Twenty20 format. Ever since its inception in 2008 the cash-rich tournament with its big names, razzle-dazzle, the Bollywood touch, the cheer leaders and effective entertainment value has touched a chord around the cricketing world. In its

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  • What would you, as a skipper do, at a crucial point, when the game has gone down to the wire with just three overs remaining, and your best bowlers - RP Singh, Sreesanth & Vinay Kumar still left with an over each to bowl? Of course, you’d consider yourself blessed while making that rather unambiguous decision, of consuming the remaining three overs between those senior men, especially when your team is trying to defend a total. Bowling second and that too towards the end is as much about skills as it is about having the nerves of steel. You must be well equipped to bowl those impeccable yorkers and slower-ones and also have the experience to absorb the pressure. Quite tactlessly though, Mahela, in the opening match for Kochi, threw the ball to Gomez, a rookie and DeVilliers, sealed the match in 6 balls. Royal Challengers Bangalore needed 32 runs in last three overs but the target was reduced to run-a-ball off last two post Gomez's over.


    No, I'm not trying to run down the youngster

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  • - DA Warner scored 54 in this game to provide the eighth fifty in IPL 2011. His knock represents his 17th fifty in T20 games. Other batsmen to score 17 or more fifties in T20 games are - BJ Hodge {25}: JH Kallis {19}: HH Gibbs {19}: DJ Hussey {19}: HD Ackerman {17} and BB McCullum {17}.


    - It was also his 16th half century in T20 games. Others to score 16 or more half centuries in T20 games are - BJ Hodge {23} : JH Kallis {19} : HH Gibbs {18} : DJ Hussey {18} : HD Ackerman {17} and KC Sangakkara {16}.


    - With his 54 in this game, DA Warner completed 500 runs in IPL. He became the 41st batsman to aggregate 500 IPL runs.


    - R Dravid has an aggregate of 964 runs in IPL with his 38 in this game. He needs 36 runs for his 1000 runs in IPL.


    - At the end of this game R Dravid has an aggregate of 105 IPL boundary fours. Others to score 100 plus boundary fours in IPL are - SR Tendulkar {154} : JH Kallis {141} : AC Gilchrist {136} : SK Raina {121} : ML Hayden {121} : V Sehwag {120} : KC

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