Top 12 Arguments To Annoy Tendulkar Fans

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No. 13 — What would Gundappa Vishwanath say about this narcissism?

No. 13 — What would Gundappa Viswanath say about this narcissism?

We present, tongue firmly in cheek, a list of top 12 things to say to Tendulkar fans — just to see if they take the bait.

1)      But Inzamam won more matches than Sachin, no?

2)      What is Lara’s highest score again?

3)      Viv Richards didn’t have a squeaky voice, no?

4)      Won the World Cup? But it was in his home town. It doesn’t count!

5)      Why does Sachin keep getting out to debutants?

6)      Look at the 2003 World Cup. He made so many runs, all for himself.

7)      He is no match for Ganguly. Dada was a far better captain.

8)      Look at Ponting, he never plays for records.

9)      Achrekar? You mean that famous Marathi playwright?

10)   Mumbai Indians? Ha ha! That’s not even a name.

11)   But why do India always lose when Sachin gets a hundred?

12)   You think there’s something wrong with his abdomen guard or...