Who will replace Ponting?

Yahoo cricket editorial blogs

So, on Wednesday, news trickles in – Ricky Ponting has been given an ultimatum and that we should be ready for the press conference where he will announce his retirement from ODIs.

First up, the Australian skipper, who’s had a long poor run with the bat, was asked if this was true.

“It’s false,” he said smiling.

Peter Roebuck in his SMH column wrote that Ponting’s days are numbered. I only wonder what these pundits will have to say if Australia win their fourth successive World Cup.

So if Ponting’s place in the side is under threat, let’s ask the next question: who will replace him as captain?

The 36-year-old, despite his poor form, is one of the most feared batsmen in the game. Ask India. But Ponting understands his slump.

Australia’s captain for nine long years jokingly said, “If I had been scoring the runs that I would have liked to have scored in this World Cup, then I probably wouldn’t be answering a lot of these questions.”

Ricky, in his desperate attempt, egged reporters to come up with ‘real’ questions about the quarterfinal, about his side’s big game on their home turf in front of a capacity crowd.

He seemed frustrated with the stream of unwarranted stories surrounding him. I assure you, these trivial questions will disappear if and only Australia beat India at Motera.