Day 4 at the Kotla

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(During the course of the first Test between India and West Indies at the Kotla, we'll post live updates, analysis, reader comments and reactions. Please hit F5 periodically for new posts.)

1:00 pm: India have won the 1st Test by 5 wickets and debutant R Ashwin has been awarded Man of the Match for his 9 wickets in the game

11:20 am: Tendulkar has departed for 76 and with him the hopes of millions of fanboys who were all set to regurgitate their 'Sachin is God' messages/tweets/blogs. Cue news agencies who will not send out stories on 'Sachin misses ton of tons' yet again (sigh).

Some hilarious tweets on the subject:

sidvee Nobody taught umpire RJ Tucker history in school

Indian victory in vain as Tendulkar falls short

rameshsrivats What century and all? Obviously an Indian win is the key thing here. Goes off to cry in a corner

chuck_gopal Will Yuvraj let Laxman get to his 50 now? #InduvidualAchievementAlwaysMoreImportant

Question to our readers - Are we too obsessed with individual records?

11:00 am: Aside from the hiccup of Dravid's wicket, India are coasting home at the Kotla. As expected most newsprint and water-cooler conversations are now about Sachin's 100th ton.  Some of the buzz on Twitter:

SpiceBoxofEarth Any guesses as to how many muppets must be out there cursing Laxman quietly right now?

rameshsrivats Interesting match on. Between Tendulkar and Laxman.

bhogleharsha saddened to see number of people saying Laxman must slow down. it's about India winning guys. Tells us a thing or two about ourselves.

coolfunnytshirt Sachin should start calling VVS 'reLaxMan'!

An interesting read on cricket blog King Cricket describes a couple’s harrowing time when

Fidel Edwards breaches 'The Wall'

they decided to go catch the first day’s action at the Ferozshah Kotla on Sunday. From parking woes to ticket counters being shut (what!?!?) to paranoid security personnel – they faced it all.

Question to our readers - How would you rate the experience of watching a cricket match at the ground? Tells us about some good or bad experiences you've had at stadiums in India and abroad.

10:00 am: Fidel Edwards has a reason to be proud of himself. He's been getting some swing and that helped him bowl a peach of a delivery to dismiss Rahul Dravid. The ball was pitched up and as Dravid attempted to drive forward it snuck in between bat and pad and in the process knocked the socks out of his stumps. Perfect delivery to send the man with perfect technique home.

100th century or will he fall short?

After being outdone in the first innings, India have made a strong comeback and now need only 124 more runs to go one up in the three match Test series with the West Indies. Barring a very dramatic collapse India should achieve the target today.

The pair that enjoy the world record for the highest overall partnership is at the crease - Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar. Trivia: They on an average have a partnership of 51 runs whenever they bat together.

Much discussion today will be once again centered around whether Sachin will make his hundredth international 100. Even if he doesn't get out, it's still a tough ask because India need 124 runs and Sachin is just on 33 now which means he will need to score 67 of them.

Some comments coming in from readers:

Tribhuvan thinks that - "Sachin should get his 100th century because Dravid is a gentleman who can go on defending for the sake of Sachin's ton."

Well Tribhuvan, Dravid and Tendulkar would probably more focused on winning the game for India. Personal records are nice, but secondary. If they come in course of the natural game then so be it, but I don't think either legend will alter their game for it.

A reader who calls himself 'Matured' is upset about Ojha not getting enough overs on Day 3 -  "The man who took 6 wickets in the first innings, and restricted West Indies to 300 didn't get to bowl much on the third day. Without a doubt Ojha would have taken the wickets taken by the pacers, three wickets and would have conceded far less runs than the pacers did. Captain Dhoni's dislike for Ojha as a player in the same team and as an opposing bowler in the IPL seems to have played a role here."