‘Cricket is a sport which is detrimental for the Nation’

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What began with a tirade against cricket on an extreme-right Hindu website has now become a laugh-fest of epic proportions.

On Feb 20, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, which claims to be 'Uniting Hindus Globally' published an article saying why cricket is harming the Indian society and economy. The article is an English translation of the Marathi original which had appeared on a blog called Sanatan Prabhat.

Some points raised by the article are as follows:

  1. Young men attack those who oppose them to play on the roads !
  2. Cricket can be a dangerous game as it gives demonic pleasure
  3. Loss of Rs. 250 crores per day!
  4. Students should play national games like Kabaddi, kho-kho etc.

You get the drift.

As Ravi Shastri would say, this set the Twitter cats among the right-wing pigeons. 'HJS' is trending on the Indian tweetosphere, with tweeters responding to the article under pseudonyms such as Manoj Prabhakaran, Ranjit Singh G, Malit Lodi, Shantaram Warne, Madhusudan Singh Panesar and Laxman Sivarama Krishnan.

Sample some of the comments:

Ranjit Singh G:

I am in full agreement with the editor. I used to play cricket when I was a young boy and now, when I glance at my leg, I see the damage it has done to me both physically and psychologically.

I had to do 2 years of Yog, several asanas (Upakhatasana, kavadrivasana and pulasana) that helped me recover. It is scientifically proven that the physical stress of cricket was designed by the British to weaken the Indian populace.

Indi Commandos

I agree. If it were not for this stupid sport, I wouldn't have got stuck with this stupid name :( Ban cricket I say.

Arindam Chaudhary

We should ban cricket.. We should in fact dare to think beyond cricket and ban all sports in India...

Shantaram Warne, Australia

I am originally from Chiplun and very delighted to know that fellow Chiplunkars are taking up this magnanimous effort to clean up our religion. I am very proud of being a Chiplunkar today. I have taken more than 700 wickets in local cricket near the mango farms and I believe cricket ruined my life. It made me a bad human being as I began texting random women and you know what happened later. But I am a devout Hindu now and Kama has become optional for me. A big thank you to HJS for coming up with this post. More such posts, please. JAI HIND! JAI HINDUTVA! JAI MAHRASHTRA! JAI HJS!

In the past, the HJS website has targetted Indian humourists Faking News and Krish Ashok for 'denigrating Hindu deities'.

What about denigrating a national obsession?

Illustration from Sanatan Prabhat.