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Caption Challenge – 3

Y! Cricket Caption Challenge - 3Y! Cricket Caption Challenge - 3

"No Samit, no! The burger can wait till the end of practice!"

OK, wise guys. We know you were funny the last two times. But can you keep it up?

Write a funny caption for this photo in the comments below. We'll republish the funniest ones.

Update [October 13]: Thanks again for your awesome captions. Here are the best ones.

Swati - Bhaag bhaag deke pose deke pose deke pose...

Vignesh - What a coach! He is holding me back!

Riya - Okay! Now sit! Stay! Roll over!

Sonu - Don't run Samit! You can take Sachin's autograph after practice.

And the best one...

Alika - Instead of dope test, we have a rope test.

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