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Caption Challenge – 2

Did Ravi Rampaul lose a contact lens?Did Ravi Rampaul lose a contact lens?

Did Ravi Rampaul lose a contact lens?

All right, wise guys. You were very funny last week.

But can you come up with more funny captions for this week's photo?

Leave your caption in a comment. We will republish the funniest ones.

Update, October 04: Thanks for your awesome response to Caption Challenge, once again!

We had a total of 234 comments so far and it was tough picking out the best ones, but here's the short-list:

Rajan - We beat CSK @ Chennai, how will get back to the Hotel?

George - Oh I can see both "Trinidad and Tobago" together. Can anyone else achieve this feat !!!!

Srirams - Hang on Guys! This little Ant wants my Autograph.

Vasanth - Oh shit what a bad dream... i must update it to FB...

Imad Hussain - Ravi's excuse: "The grass on the field has been tampered with!"

Vivek - Oh god: O I missed the cheerleaders show

Harsh - ohhh.....where is my saridon....i am having a headache:p

Gaurav - Match Stopped Due to Lost Lens!!!!


Anil - kya se kya ho gaya, yeh catch miss kar ke

Way to go guys!

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