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Caption Challenge – 1

All right, wise guys. How many of you can come up with a funny caption for this?

Leave your caption in a comment. We will republish the funniest ones.

Update, September 28: Thanks for your awesome response to Caption Challenge!

Your 1300+ comments made our day. It was tough picking out the best ones, but here's the short-list:

Vipin Dhangar - Time to play dandiya.

Abhishek - Wingardium Leviosa!

Arka - Raina fishes outside the off-stump, but this is overdoing it!

Santhosh Kumar - Thanks to BCCI, even bats get stress fractures.

Rohan - Itne-mein-tuta ta ta, bagal mein joota ta ta.

Binayak - Kalmadi's gift to Raina?

Vikas - Sit, Bat, Sit. Finish your job so we can go home.

Mohd Talha - Bats off ... to Malinga!

Vincy - Haath mein handle, zameen pe balla... haye allah... haye allah.

PlugUgly - Stringing in the Rain(a)

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