• Graeme Swann is not only a terrific cricketer, he's also one hell of a comedian. When he's not tweeting funny stuff on Twitter, he's busy shooting his popular Swanny's Ashes Diary.

    The Diary has popularised the Sprinkler Dance, which has become a craze in the England team currently doing well in the Ashes.

    Today, England performed the dance after beating Australia at the G to retain the Ashes.

    Here are photos of the dance.

    And here's a fan video. Enjoy!


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  • 'Every captain sooner or later reaches the end of his tether' — Peter Roebuck

    Another Ashes defeat looms large over Australia and more importantly Ricky Ponting. He seems to have lost his focus, his game, his mates and is certain to lose his captaincy after the series. The distinguish player is heading for his third Ashes defeat as captain.

    'Urn absolute disgrace'

    Ponting started the Ashes series with a score of 10 and 51 in Brisbane which ended in a draw. In Adelaide, the Australian skipper managed a duck and 9 runs which the hosts lost by an innings and 71 runs. Though Australia came back strongly in Perth to register a 267-run win, Ponting got 12 in the first innings and 1 in the second essay.

    The Boxing Day Test has been another trouble-filled game for Ponting. It started with him losing the toss; then the team was bowled out for 98 and if that was not enough, Ricky was fined 40 per cent of his match fee by ICC for a prolonged argument with Aleem Dar over a disputed referral. [An

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  • Today, MS Dhoni lost the toss. Yet again. He has lost 13 of his last 14 tosses in Test cricket, and surely the statistical odds of that are mind-bogglingly small.

    Since I’m not very good at math, I asked my friend, sports enthusiast and math wiz Mahek Vyas, to calculate the probability for losing 13 tosses out of 14.

    He says the magic number is 0.000854, or one in 1170.

    Long story short, you’re more likely to experience one of these freak incidents than lose 13 tosses out of 14:

    1. You have never heard about global warming: 1 in 8
    2. You will see a UFO: 1/14
    3. You will get hemorrhoids: 1/25
    4. You will be on a plane with a drunk pilot: 1/117
    5. An airline will lose your baggage: 1/138
    6. You will date a millionaire: 1/215
    7. You become a New York Times best-selling author: 1/220

    To put things into perspective, India were given a 66 to 1 chance of winning the 1983 World Cup. Those odds are huge when compared to Dhoni's phenomenally bad run with the toss.

    The last two lost tosses have resulted in South

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