• ….because where else can you jump on the chairs when Zaheer Khan is on a hat-trick that has singlehandedly brought India back into a game….where else can you can listen to 38,400 people scream ‘All is well’ in cohesion as England need 2 runs off 1 ball to defeat your team….where else can you can you stand in queue for three hours and still not get inside in time to see the first ball…..nowhere else.

    It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Sachin Tendulkar

    ‘The Sachin factor’ was everywhere on Sunday and looking at the support he garnered you could have been forgiven for thinking it was the Wankhede. Following his 47th ODI ton, Sachin’s demigod status was well-adhered to. When he came close to the boundary to field, it caused more than a flutter in the adjoining stands. His every shrug, every save, every stretch, every gesture - was cheered on. An English fan nearby initially thought the buzz was because of a flock of birds flying above the stadium. Ahem.

    Attention Messrs Kumble, Srinath,

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  • India: Overs 6-10: 58/1; Tendulkar 19 off 28; Gambhir 3 off 8

    England recalibrated its game plan and settled on a length on the short side and line of off and middle, looking to cramp Sehwag. The batsman though seemed quite happy to work the ball off the hips in front of or behind square.

    Anderson tested his reflexes with a slow bouncer – one of those inventions geared to the shorter form of the game – and Sehwag parked himself on the back foot, waited for an age, and then smashed a forehand drive over the head of the mid on fielder posted midway back to the fence.

    Shehzad’s first spell of 3-0-16-0 had been less than inspirational; Strauss took him off and brought on Tim Bresnan. What followed was fascinating – Bresnan went wide of the crease, bowled the very full length, and angled the ball into the base of off stump; Sehwag responded by moving onto the front foot and playing with some caution. Along came the sucker punch – the shorter ball outside off; Sehwag looked to open the bat

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  • Bangalore Diary

    The World Cup has made cricket fans do some strange things, but this is something else.

    Strolling down the road from the Chinnaswamy Stadium towards Hard Rock Café, you can spot an oddity — a large scoreboard that is not inside a cricket stadium but at a junction on the city's busiest street.

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