• Clive Lloyd unleased a new era in West Indies cricket, with a little help from Michael Holding.Clive Lloyd unleased a new era in West Indies cricket, with a little help from Michael Holding.

    Whenever India play at the Sabina Park, it is important to revisit the events of 1976 which marked the lowest point in their cricketing relations with West Indies.

    It is also the start of West Indies’ two-decade long supremacy, and an occasion which caused a livid Sunil Gavaskar to make a racially-charged comment about Jamaican people.

    But before we get to how Clive Lloyd unleashed a torrent of fast, dangerous, short-pitched bowling on India, sent half their top-order to the hospital and caused captain Bishan Singh Bedi to 'surrender' the match, we have to see what went on in Caribbean cricket before this match.

    Lloyd had made a fine start to his captaincy with a 3-2 win in India and the World Cup triumph of 1975. But it all changed with the tour of Australia.

    “There is basically not much between the two teams where talents and skills are concerned, and you don't need a crystal ball to predict the outcome could hang on a slender thread,” Lloyd said upon his arrival in Australia.


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  • After a week of hearing about the pros and cons of the DRS, I’m still unclear about one thing: why exactly is India — or specifically, the BCCI and one or two cricketers — opposed to it?

    Here’s a list of India’s grievances with the DRS:

    1. I am not going to buy a life jacket that doesn't come with a warranty. [Dhoni, November 2011]
    2. It is the judgment of one system (computer) against the other (the umpire). — [Shashank Manohar, August 2010]
    3. I have even told the ICC that we have no problem with HotSpot. Our objection is to ball tracking.  [Manohar holds his ground, last week]
    4. Sorry, we do have have problems with HotSpot - it is an expensive, monopolistic, military technology, and it can get stolen. [Unnamed BCCI source]
    5. I am not fully convinced with DRS. [In Sri Lanka, 2008], I was not convinced with many decisions. I did not feel comfortable ... I would rather go with HotSpot because that establishes the contact between the bat and the bowl. [Sachin Tendulkar, 2010]
    6. I am not against DRS,
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  • ‘Cricket tends to protect its secrets’

    Kadambari Murali Wade, editor-in-chief of Sports Illustrated India, speaks of their forthcoming issue on match-fixing in cricket. She touches upon how they tapped into the world of bookies, the shocking truths which emerged from their investigations, and what they plan to do with the 400-odd minutes of taped conversations.

    Based on your findings, would you say that despite the Cronje shake-up and the more recent punishment handed out to three Pakistan players, is there still rampant corruption in cricket?

    Based on our findings, I would say there is cause to believe that there is corruption in cricket because of easy, often unrestricted access to certain players and player agents. How rampant that is, is something that cricket's authorities would be better placed to find out, if they are so inclined.

    The story hints that some BCCI functionaries are actively battling corruption while others are tacitly encouraging it. Is the BCCI divided on the issue of corruption?

    This is a question

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