• Suresh Raina in practice in Ahmedabad. Suresh Raina in practice in Ahmedabad.

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  • 2 am on a Sunday night/ Monday morning after a hectic weekend of meeting and greeting and I sat up resisting my eyelids attempts to call it a day. After all, India was on the verge of a Test and series win in the Caribbean and I wasn’t about to miss it. Or so I thought.

    At the start of play on Day 5, the West Indies were in the lead by 81 runs with only 4 wickets in hand. India looked on course to another exciting win and luck seemed to agree, early on at least with Sammy and Rampaul departing in the same over. Darren Sammy headed back to the pavilion in a contentious decision when the umpire gave him caught out at short leg after he thought the ball had deflected from his glove. Replays later showed the delivery had actually come off his chest. Three balls later Ravi Rampaul was run out after making the mistake of going for a quick single. The Windies were just 113 runs ahead and victory looked well within sight for the visitors. India’s old nemesis Shivnarine Chanderpaul however

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