• Vox Pop: Rhythm, Off-stump, Desire

    On the last post on Ishant Sharma, reader A Thinking Humanbeing left an in-depth comment about preparing to be a fast bowler. A slightly edited version of the comment is reproduced below.

    He says:

    Ishant has everything a fast bowler needs. If he concentrates on the two most important things, he should serve India like Zaheer Khan for the next 10 years or so.

    1 — His fitness and injuries. Know your body and listen to it, keeps things simple)

    2 — Be consistent, play to your strengths and focus on mastering them.

    The following is a technique used by a one-time fast bowling hopeful, who was victim of family pressure to concentrate on academics, and also to a larger extent, of a prejudiced cricketing system where regionalism, money, politics and nepotism play big roles.

    This technique is recommended by my coach and colleagues (including pace guru TA Sekhar) and even legends like Curtly Ambrose and Wasim Akram:

    1 — Use one stump or an iron rod or rebar, at least six inches shorter than the

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  • Richard Hadlee had four keywords to good fast bowling: rhythm, off-stump, desire and Lillee. The first three are self-explanatory.

    As for the fourth, Hadlee said he would think of Dennis Lillee whenever things got tough. “What would Lillee do in this situation? And he would never ever give up,” he explained.

    Ishant Sharma’s bowling in the Test series in the Caribbean ticks most points on Hadlee’s list. The results are Hadlee-esque, too.

    In the West Indies, we saw an Ishant we haven’t seen in a long time. It was a synergy between an uncluttered mind, tireless legs, cocked wrist, fingers wrapping the seam, unruly hair in the wind, and the cricket ball.

    They fused into one efficient machine whose singular objective was to zone in on a spot outside the off-stump. The ball would land on the spot, rear up and ask the batsman an unkind question: are you good enough to handle me?

    The answer to that lies in Ishant's numbers for the series. His 22 wickets, one every 34 balls, are the most any

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