• (Note to readers: 'The Enemy Camp' will be the tongue-in-cheek name for Yahoo! Cricket's coverage of the English press during India's tour of England.)

    Ishant Sharma got over his shoddy bowling in England’s first innings as he tore the heart out of the hosts’ batting line-up taking three wickets in the pre-lunch session on the fourth day of the Lord’s Test. But, then England wicket-keeper Matt Prior scored his sixth Test century and put together an undefeated 162-run partnership for the seventh wicket which helped the hosts set India a target of 458 runs to win the first Test.

    Vic Marks is effusive in his praise for Prior’s century and writes this in The Guardian

    The second half of Prior's innings was fun; the first half was fundamental to England retaining their grip on this match. At 62 for five when Prior strode to the crease, the lead was a modest 250; Ishant Sharma, his mane streamlined in the breeze, was at full gallop and India, despite the absence of Zaheer Khan, were

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  • Vox Pop: Intimidation x 11, Cricket’s All-Time XI

    Kersasp Shekhdar weighs in on the fan-selected ICC Dream XI:

    The I.C.C.'s so-called 'All-Time' XI is the biggest load of bollocks I have ever seen as a sports lover.  (You disagree? Okay, then 'Star Wars' and 'Wizard of Oz' are the two all-time greatest films.)  I am not going to dignify I.C.C.'s nonsense with a link to it.  It was nothing more than a case of non-serious Indians displaying their numerical might.  But that is as nothing compared to the monumental organizational folly of the I.C.C. in putting out something titled "Sports lists' All-Time biggest load of bollocks" under their name.

    Beneath, I am putting up a real All-Time XI.  Wisden and M.C.C. experts may not necessarily agree with me about my team as-is but I would challenge them to ridicule it as – no doubt – they would privately have derided the I.C.C.'s 'fan selected' purported 'All-Time XI'.  And I'd wager my soul with the Devil that my XI would crush not only any and all other elevens, but rout even a Satan's XI of

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