• The retrograde move to recall Dravid can only end badly for him.The retrograde move to recall Dravid can only end badly for him.

    The retrograde move to recall Dravid can only end badly for him.

    India’s ODI squad for England is along expected lines. Sachin Tendulkar was expected to play this important series. Harbhajan Singh has been rested due to injury or dropped due to excruciatingly bad form, depending on whose word you take. Sreesanth has been used and thrown away as the team has seen fit. And there’s still no sign of Ashish Nehra despite him submitting a fitness certificate.

    But the one selection we didn't see coming was Rahul Dravid. "Rested", incidentally, was the word used to describe his absence from the ODI team in 2007, when he was actually dropped.

    Considering Dravid's recent good run in Test cricket, it's easy to understand why he has been recalled. In making three hundreds in trying conditions, he brought respectability to India's otherwise poor show. His younger colleagues continue to flunk tests of their techniques. And it's invariably the short ball that gets them curling up in foetal position.

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  • There’s a thunderstorm predicted on Tuesday in Nottingham. India had to bat out 150-odd overs to save or win the Trent Bridge Test. But they had to survive only 60-odd overs on Monday.

    It shouldn’t have been tough given how England’s lower order had piled the runs with ridiculous ease. But India’s left-handers fell to short balls, and the right-handers didn’t know what to do with in-swingers. They didn’t last 50 overs. If it rains tomorrow, it would be Jamaica all over again.

    Things hinted at a strong English performance in this series. But we were so used to the strong Indian fightback, we expected better from the depleted, injury-hit side. So it is really not the defeat which rankles, it's the consummate ease with which England have won, and also India's inability to learn from mistakes.

    MS Dhoni's comment after the game was jaw-dropping. Explaining India's inability to dislodge Stuart Broad on Day 1, he said his bowlers were tired.

    I'm sorry.

    Tired? After 50 overs? On

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  • MS Dhoni's sporting decision to recall Ian Bell yesterday was unanimously applauded by cricket pundits. But some believed there was no need to do it.

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