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  • ‘If the Government Wants, it can Cancel Modi’

    Narayanaswami Srinivasan, 65, is in the middle of several controversies, befitting his status as newly anointed president of the BCCI , the richest, most powerful and most-pilloried cricket board in the world. u000a u000a He has rejected demands for an inquiry into India 's disastrous England tour, sought legal advice on how to resolve the Kochi Tuskers crisis, and parried countless calls from Pakistan Cricket Board president Ijaz Bhatt seeking a renewal of Indo-Pakistan cricket ties. u000a u000a The chairman of India Cements which, in turn, is the prime investor in IPL team Chennai Super Kings , Srinivasan is a chemical engineer from the Illinois Institute of Technology as well as a chartered accountant. As he sits in the Chennai office of India Cements, which has a turnover of Rs 3,800 crore, surrounded by pictures of grandchildren, a clay model of Mahatma Gandhi and a miniature charkha on his table, he is determined to change the course of BCCI in his three years as president. u000a

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