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  • We began to fight amongst ourselves

    We're two days into the seven week marathon of Ashes all nighters and the Test Match Sofa commentary team are showing early signs of wear; unlike this rock solid Brisbane pitch.


    The morning session passed smoothly enough, though not without intense frustrations for England fans. Initially the flames of bitter infuriation were fanned by Anderson's lacklustre opening overs. The Aussies had said he couldn't bowl in their conditions and we started to believe they were right.


    Then the hideous spectre of the UDRS honed into view. Indians have been spared cricket's equivalent of the European Court of Appeal by the refusal of their board to play along. Lucky them..


    Nearly an hour of wicketless action we thought had been ended by Doctrove's raised finger as Katich was trapped on the crease by Anderson. But when the decision was wisely referred to the 3rd umpire our breakthrough turned out to be a mirage.


    Curses rained down with more concentrated venom soon after when Watson was also

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  • The return of Siddle

    The German playwright Goethe once wrote "It is better to hope than to despair." This self same German playwright never, I will guess, had the hair brained idea of commentating on the Ashes through a cold wintry night in London whilst being in thrall to the England cricket team.


    It all started so well. The Test Match Sofa crew arrived in tact, sober and bursting with nervous anticipation. We had gradually convinced ourselves (well most of ourselves), that this series was finally going to result in an English victory against the most stubborn serial sporting winners, in their own backyard.


    After all, Australia are ranked fifth in the world. Most of them can't bat, their best bowler is a wayward walking mural with Oedipal issues, their spinner averages 48 in 1st class cricket, and their captain hasn't a clue how to set a field. To compound matters and fan the flames of hope, they'd even dropped Bollinger for the unremarkable talents of Peter Siddle.


    True, England have issues of

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