BCCI needs to accept DRS immediately

Cricket needs to eradicate human errors and technology is the only option.

In the modern world, the only way ahead is to imbibe technology as quickly as possible.

India has to understand this and the way forward for cricket and the cricket administration is for the BCCI to accept the Decision Review System (DRS).

However, modernisation somehow always gets intertwined with costs. Many corporates who stayed away from it are now fossils and the progressive ones have thrived. Therefore, for any cricket playing nation to oppose technology because of cost would be a big folly.

The best way forward is for India to accept the DRS immediately. There could be, at times, errors as to where the ball pitched or in the Snickometer or in it’s trajectory but at least it will bring a certain amount of consistency and reduce human mistakes.

The umpire should have a portable instrument that could be used for on-the-ground decisions. Most batsmen do not walk when they snick the ball and reap the benefit of the umpire’s mistake. This then brings us to the basic characteristic of honesty. Over the years, one can conclude that this trait will not ever be followed by a cricketer and the idea of a gentleman’s game will remain a dream.

In the past there have been many incidents of biased or wrong decisions.

How many cricket careers were cut short this way? Cricket needs to eradicate human errors and technology is the only option.

Many objections about the certainty of a snick or a catch have arisen. When one speaks to today’s cricketers, they forcefully debate about these issues. These are apprehensions that need to be ignored if cricket needs to progress.

Cricket is now in an arena of professionalism and careers of modern cricketers depend on it. There is much more for them at stake now than there was during the amateur era. Television has brought viewers closer to the action on the field and hence the followers of the game are now also more critical of any umpiring errors.

A major concern is bowling actions. The 15 degrees-permitted bend at the elbow has led to several chuckers. It is not possible for an umpire to take a call and an occasional delivery bowled with an arm bent more than permissible limit seems to be a weapon of many a modern bowlers. Infra-red or high-speed cameras or sensors could be used.

The writer is a former Test cricketer. TAG:CYCSPL


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