• 'I want Dhoni's calmness'

    Kohli on his dream year 2012, New Year resolutions, an ideal captain as well as his likes and dislikes.

    Ranchi: Virat Kohli, considered by many as the next India captain, spoke to The Telegraph after the ODIs against Pakistan and before the ongoing series versus England.

    The following are excerpts

    How do you look back on 2012, a year of considerable highs for you and some lows... Also, as a team, we didn’t do well...

    It was a dream year for me and I couldn’t have asked for more... It was an important year, to establish myself in all formats, and I did well... Yes, the team saw lows, but it’s not that the effort wasn’t made. Everybody did try hard.

    But why couldn’t we get it right?

    For much of the year, we were a team in transition, with not everybody being high on experience... It’s not that we didn’t win at all, we won in Sri Lanka, beat New Zealand at home... But, yes, we didn’t have the momentum for a period of time.

    Did you find yourself under too much pressure?

    Things can change quickly in cricket... One day you’re regarded as being out of form, two innings later you’re in great form! I

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  • A beautiful life awaits Tendulkar

    I've been there. Quitting cricket won't be the end of all that's good for Sachin, something he and the people around him need to understand.

    The writer with Sachin Tendulkar

    This team has logged the same results for the last one-and-half years as the 1983 team did after winning the World Cup. This happens. When you win something as big as the World Cup, it becomes easy to lose focus and priorities get mixed up.

    Yet, this fall from grace is surprising.

    With so much professionalism, a bevy of support staff to keep things on track, and the Board backing them to the hilt, this team could have handled it better.

    Somehow, I feel the players have become very big over the years, and it seems, from outside, that the Board has become slightly relaxed towards them. Today, the players can do whatever they feel like, and can get away with it. In our time, it wasn't possible, no matter how big a player was.

    In the past, the Board and selectors were strong vis-à-vis the players. We had lost just one series, to the West Indies, after winning the World Cup in 1983, and I was sacked as captain. That was necessarily not the right thing to do because chopping and changing at theRead More »from A beautiful life awaits Tendulkar
  • You can live with cancer

    Geoffrey Boycott on his battle with cancer and message for cancer survivors.

    Calcutta: Geoffrey Boycott, now 72, is an oral cancer survivor. On Thursday afternoon, he spoke to The Telegraph at the Eden.

    Boycott, incidentally, is the president of the Yorkshire County Cricket Club.

    The following are excerpts

    Q What was your first reaction on being told you had cancer?
    That I’m probably going to die... A lot of people die, even after trying all the treatment. Only a percentage survive.

    You felt a lump on the left side of the neck while shaving...
    Yes, it was during the 2002 tour of England by India... The players had come over for lunch the previous day... I was feeling fine and had no symptoms... It just happened...

    Cancer can strike anybody. I saw the doctor(s) within the next day-and-a-half and life changed.

    What did the many months of treatment teach you?
    I drew inspiration from Chris Woollams’ CANCERactive, a complementary cancer charity. I learnt to stay positive ... I keep taking tablets — I carry a handful all the time — and I keep sipping water as my salivary

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